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The Profitable Promotion of Papa’s Pizzeria

Papa’s Pizzeria has been a loyal client of ours for the better part of two decades. They’re located just

down the street from us, which has been great for the relationship, bad for our waistline. The Chicken

Bacon Ranch pizza is just hard to resist. Three of our team members have had part time jobs slinging pie

at Papa’s at one time or another and we just really love working with them.


A couple years ago, owner Shawn Comer approached us about doing a shirt or two that he could sell to

customers; something witty and trendy to add to his sales. Our art director knew exactly what to do and

whipped up a small order of these bad boys.



After that became an overwhelming success, we started adding more shirts to the lineup.



Stemming off of the shirts, Papa’s has begun to create a brand identity. Brand identity is not just about a

logo; it includes a multitude of things like color palettes, design strategy, and having a specific “voice”.

The Papa’s voice has a great sense of humor and doesn’t take itself too seriously. This is important to

the branding of Papa’s- who wants a pizza place that’s overly serious? For a small-town establishment

like Papa’s, we want a fun-loving atmosphere where you might run into your neighbor or grab a beer

before heading to the lake. As Papa’s developed their image into bringing on craft beer, we added that

voice to custom-made growlers and pint glasses that can be purchased and packaged to take home.



Then entered The Lake Monster. Shawn came to us with an idea to create a food challenge like you’d

see on Man Vs. Food. Something giant and full of carbs and calories and a goliath to beat. He knew he

wanted a shirt to give to winners, but we wanted to go bigger than that. We asked if we could run the

marketing on this sandwich and he gave us the reigns.


First we took over Papa’s social media and did a naming contest on Facebook. We loved the suggestion

Lake Monster because Polk City has two beautiful lakes. We then created a back story to build

excitement and play up that humor-filled Papa’s “voice”. We launched a campaign for the unveiling of

The Lake Monster, complete with an eating contest between three challengers. We created a design

platform that included shirts, banners and social media graphics for consistency and recognition. We

sent out press releases to the local media outlets and systematically built up excitement on Facebook.


The week of the event, Papa’s began getting national attention from competitive eaters around the

country wanting to try the challenge. The Des Moines Register ran a three-part piece both online and in

print about The Lake Monster and the competitors. On the night of the event, Papa’s had a packed

house as people eagerly watched the challengers battle against each other and time to finish the

gigantic sandwich.



No one beat it that night and no one has beat it since, though many have tried. It’s the exact attention

that has catapulted Papa’s into being just a neighborhood pizza shop to a destination; people are

coming from all around because they’ve heard of The Lake Monster and want to try their hand at

defeating it.


We could have stopped at a t-shirt, but instead have mustered more attention and profitability for our

dear friends at Papa’s because we have the capabilities to take a brand beyond the expectations. We

love what we do and have a passion and drive to go bigger and do more.


Email or call us today and let’s start going bigger and doing more for you.

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