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We Just Keep Growing


Earlier this month, we showed off our brand new office space remodel. But we’re not done. Now we’re heading in to phase 2 and focusing our attention on the production shop in back. We have two new machines to make space for that we’ll go into detail with later. We’re knocking down some walls to stretch the space we have and rearranging locations of current machines to make space for increased production and incoming merchandise.   What this means for our clients is faster and more efficient turnaround times, as well as ability to take on bigger jobs.

Don’t worry, small-job people. We still love you.

The crazy part of this is we are INSANELY busy.

Typically we do all of our changes in January and February because that’s our slowest time. But March slapped us right upside the head and we’ve been going 100 mph ever since. So we’re going to pull some nights. We’re going to pull some weekends. We’re going to show you all the fun before and after photos. And we’re going to flex our muscles so we can serve you even better. Because you deserve it, you beautiful client, you.

Let’s get ready to make the world a little better, a little less naked. T-shirts are our business, and business is good.

The Better to Serve You, My Dear

We’re making big changes at P&M Apparel this year. We’ve got an ever-growing team that’s hungry for doing projects that drive and excite them, which means pushing the boundaries in every aspect of what we do to develop new and creative ways to best serve you and your message to the world. It means dialing in systems we already have in place to make sure this ship is well-oiled to serve you best. Because you’re our favorite.

First up: New website

You’ve noticed our website has gotten a bit of a makeover. It’s not just prettier, it’s working harder for you. We’ve offered online stores for a couple years; now they’re integrated into our website for a fully customized experience tailored just for you. Whether you’re looking for easy team uniform ordering or business attire branded for your company, we’ve got you taken care of. Check out an example here or shoot us an email for details.

We also now offer our entire inventory from our retail section, PM Shop, online. If you can’t make it in to pick out the best gear from our North Polk headquarters and beyond, you can order it online and have it shipped to you or picked up the next business day.

We’ll be providing a live stream of our social media with updates on everything we’re doing and you can always land on our blog for some insider info of the workings of P&M Apparel. You’ll get to know what we’re doing, how we do it, and the team that’s so passionate about helping you succeed. Let’s start the conversation on how our small business can help your small business get huge.

Next: Building Renovation

It’s what’s on the inside that counts, so we’re making major updates to the guts of our building to add space for new team members, capitalize on the space we have and stretch for all our new business needs. Follow us on Instagram to watch the magic unfold and stay tuned for updates.

And then: The Kitchen Sink

Our bread and butter is the t-shirt business and it’s delicious. We’re the weirdos checking the labels on our friends’ clothes while they’re wearing them and constantly scouring for new products that are softer and more durable and better priced than the last. But it’s not all we do; in fact, we can do nearly anything you need for spreading your message. Promotional products, banners, emblazoning your logo on the side of a vehicle, we can do it. But we also have degrees and decades of experience in marketing, so we can help with your social and traditional media, event planning and promoting. We’re a one-stop shop that can offer you everything but the kitchen sink, and if we’re being honest, we could probably find you a kitchen sink if you really need it (and then add your logo to it). We have an amazing graphic design team that has clients from all over the country looking to create a brand and then develop it into a huge success. We’re not going to limit ourselves to t-shirts anymore and neither should you. Let’s dream big together.

Follow our blog to keep up with all the big stuff coming and news as it happens. You can also find us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for updates on everything we’re doing and get excited, because we’re excited.