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Blog posts of '2016' 'April'

The Big Reveal

It took a big ‘ol dumpster, a flat jack, some sweat and blood, and definitely a few people more experienced in demolition than us, but our workshop is renovated!


First, we knocked out the walls of a whole room, built tables and created a brand new receiving area.

We moved our giant dryer perpendicular to make room for a new screen printing machine. Now it serves double duty for two presses so we can roll out sweet hand-pulled prints in record-time.

And then we’ve got our second new piece of equipment: the numbering system. With this new feature, we can print individual jersey numbers instead of using heat-pressed vinyl and we can print one or two colors. This will bring your jerseys up to a pro level of style at a fraction of the cost of traditional screen printing. In the future, we’ll give you some details on just how great this system works.

Want to see how the transformation all went down? We’ve got a GoPro for that!


We Just Keep Growing


Earlier this month, we showed off our brand new office space remodel. But we’re not done. Now we’re heading in to phase 2 and focusing our attention on the production shop in back. We have two new machines to make space for that we’ll go into detail with later. We’re knocking down some walls to stretch the space we have and rearranging locations of current machines to make space for increased production and incoming merchandise.   What this means for our clients is faster and more efficient turnaround times, as well as ability to take on bigger jobs.

Don’t worry, small-job people. We still love you.

The crazy part of this is we are INSANELY busy.

Typically we do all of our changes in January and February because that’s our slowest time. But March slapped us right upside the head and we’ve been going 100 mph ever since. So we’re going to pull some nights. We’re going to pull some weekends. We’re going to show you all the fun before and after photos. And we’re going to flex our muscles so we can serve you even better. Because you deserve it, you beautiful client, you.

Let’s get ready to make the world a little better, a little less naked. T-shirts are our business, and business is good.